Lanzhou University Held 5.12 International Nurses Day Commemoration and Recognition Conference

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In order to commemorate the 107th International Nurses' Day, inherit Nightingale's spirit, recognize advanced nursing work, inspire nurses to love their work and show their elegant demeanour, the "Lanzhou University's 2018 May 12 International Nurses' Day Commemoration and Recognition Conference" was held in the auditorium of the University Student Activity Center in Lanzhou University's headquarters campus on the evening of May 9. Yan Chunhua, president of Lanzhou University, Guo Qi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of the Medical Committee, Li Yumin, vice president and dean of medical school, and nearly 1000 people incluing leaders in every division in medical school, representatives of nurses and representatives of teachers and students attended the conference. The commendation conference was presided over by Guo Qi.
On behalf of the school, Yan Chunhua extended holiday greetings to all nursing workers and teachers and students in the nursing college. He said ongratulations to the workers who have worked in nursing for 30 years and the winners of the nursing skills contest. He hopes that the whole school of nursing workers will set up a "good heart for doctors" and try their best to temper their excellent business skills. All hospitals in the school strengthen the construction of nursing team and strive to build a good platform for the growth of nursing workers. All aspects of the school actively serve and strive to create a good atmosphere conducive to the development of nursing. The nursing college should strengthen the coordination of medical research and teaching and improve the quality of nursing personnel training.
Li Yumin said that in the future nursing work, attention should be paid to strengthening medical and teaching cooperation, medical and nursing cooperation, interdisciplinary integration and innovative development. Create a nursing talent brand with Lanzhou University characteristics; Strengthen the construction of nursing teachers; Improve the ability of clinical nursing service; Pay attention to humanistic education and the cultivation of humanistic service ability.
On the spot, the conference commended 28 nurses who had worked hard in nursing positions for 30 years and the winners of the 2018 Nursing Skills Operation Competition of Lanzhou University.
Zhang Lanfang, a 30-year-experience head nurse in neurosurgery department in the second hospital, Song Li, a head nurse in the cardiology department of the first hospital, and Zhao Pengcheng, a nurse in neurology department in the second hospital, shared their touching stories in their nursing career. Through their narration, they showed the lofty moral character and selfless professional feelings of the majority of nurses.
A hating ceremony for newly recruited nurses was held at the scene.
After the commendation activities, medical staff of Lanzhou University performed self-designed and self-directed art programs, including dance, sign language performance and nurse's clothing show, with various forms and rich contents. The wonderful performance won applause from the scene. The program Our Youth turns the busy work of nurses into a dance to show the selfless dedication of nursing workers. The "flash show" of hand washing dance vividly explains how to wash hands healthily through humorous dance forms. Song accompanied by sign language performance Grateful Heart expresses nurses' heart language of blooming themselves and fragrant patients. The nurse's dress show Angel's Elegance shows the health care personnel's energetic spirits. With the forceful tap dance Dance of Life the conference came to a close.
It is reported that Lanzhou University has nearly 4000 nurses, 245 undergraduate nursing students and 71 graduate students. In recent years, Lanzhou University's nursing career has made great progress and won many honors such as "National Advanced Ward of High Quality Nursing Service", "National Advanced Individual of High Quality Nursing Service", " Provincial Advanced Collective of Nursing Work", "Provincial Excellent Manager of Nursing Work", "Ninth Provincial Excellent Technological Innovation Achievement Award for Employees" and "Third Prize of Gansu Provincial Li Xiufang Nursing Science and Technology". Lanzhou University's nursing discipline has trained a large number of nursing professionals who can meet the needs of modern service and have new service concepts, and has also made important contributions to Gansu's medical and health undertakings.
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