The delegation of University of South Florida visited Lanzhou University

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Professor John Sinnott, Dean of the Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, University of South Florida, led a delegation of 3 members to visit Lanzhou University on October 11. Accompanied by relevant persons in charge of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center, the First Hospital of Lanzhou University and the School of Medicine, the Vice President Pan Baotian met with the delegation in the VIP Room of the Science Museum.
Pan Baotian welcomed the delegation led by John Sinnott (Note: the winner of the 'Dunhuang Award' awarded by the Government of Gansu Province in 2017) and introduced the history and advantageous disciplines of Lanzhou University to the visitors. He stressed that Lanzhou University being rated as the ”°Double First-class”± university in China provided new opportunities for its own development. The construction of first-class universities requires the support of first-class disciplines, and the university regards medicine as one of the disciplines to be developed in the construction of the ”°Double First-class”± university. Intensifying the open education is an important means to promote the development of disciplines. He hoped that the two universities would promote exchanges and cooperation and the development of medical disciplines through the exchange of scientific researchers, joint training of students and scientific research cooperation, thereby promoting the construction of ”°Double First-class”± at Lanzhou University. He also introduced the human resource policy of Lanzhou University and welcomed experts and scholars from the University of South Florida to conduct long- and short-term teaching and research cooperation at Lanzhou University.
John Sinnott introduced the University of South Florida and its College of Medicine. He said that the personnel sent by Lanzhou University to study at the College of Medicine of University of South Florida, impressed him with their diligence and dedication. He hoped that both sides could continue to strengthen cooperation on areas of common interest on the basis of the previous cooperation.
After the meeting, both parties signed the Framework Agreement for Cooperation between Lanzhou University School of Medicine and College of Medicine of University of South Florida.
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